In 2003 complaint home in Spain on some serious facts.  

I suspect that in Spain there are vested interests and therefore are not interested to resolve my complaint.

My question is. There somewhere that might be advised to guarantee fairness and justice. If I ask you indicate the correct data to be able to put in their hands.

The facts alleged and proven with extensive documentation mainly affect workers' rights, environment, occupational hazards.

I am grateful if I provide power to direct where my complaint

Jose Bas Piñol

DNI 21408155p

Plaza Castellón10

03012 Alicante

I am the manager of a small family business (B03480597 crane APRIL assistance sl) years ago I had an inspection which I had a strong penalty.

Make a verbal complaint by not wanting to negotiate the amount to be paid before inspection. "you know that Spain is doing well thanks to the scams we make small businesses" reply "if we know and we are aware" that option if I have my clients are multinationals, I impose working conditions and to survive I have to commit crimes "response "is not our problem. Then you spend the allegations or otherwise."

Well I decided to denounce the customer to me more pressing and demanding huge, in my view, the driver of other customers had to follow his path. They automatically lose their jobs with that company (Mapfre).

The withdrawal began on the year 2003 in Service Competition, under the Ministry of Economy, I archived as saying by the lack of competition, I am advised to bring the complaint in ordinary courts.

Appeal the decision and the Court of Competition me back to the archive.

We appeal again and now I'm 23/Junio/2008 while awaiting judgement of the Audiencia Nacional. I imagine that the next step be appealed in the Supreme Court and then in some European.

He also initiated proceedings in ordinary courts, on the advice of the Service de la Competencia. (I must praise the great professionalism of the Inspector Service Competition)

Commercial Court No 1 of Alicante that currently is in the Supreme

First Instance Court No. 3 Alicante at present is in the Supreme

Basically all round, in all three instances, on proof that the opposing party has failed to challenge. Economic Survey conducted by the University of Alicante.

With this expert evidence is undisputed that imposes Mapfre prices and working conditions. We are forced to work (we have no option negotiation) on 50% of the actual price will get you to cover costs. The consequences of the fact they were already demonstrated you can imagine. As is well declare in front of different judges, we must "choricear" to live with taxes prosecutors, with occupational hazards (excessive accidents), noncompliance with environmental… a long etc.. I could cite.

The inspector team was very professional and accomplished his task to perfection. I really was and an offender. " I should have been aware of crime / os being done and therefore not worth excuse me / s to me exempted from my responsibility.

I thank them for their great professionalism, without which, not opened been able to realize my great clumsiness "so that others would steal the virtue of being big"

I say "was a criminal" because since I decided to denounce the echo demonstrated the "hot potato" is you go to the administration.

Morally I have met with society; Report, in my view, the "real criminal". The gaps which comes under legal and judicial for further expansion in output with its desire to be the largest.

According to the criterion of the other complaint and the efforts should have focused on you, government, which knows only too well what is happening and do nothing to remedy it. Time will tell and give the reason for what they should have been echo.

Saying that I am paying a high economic price to launch this / s complaint / s. Llevo April 4 years and now I'm not 50% nor the end. I have 48 years and I look forward to seeing the beginning of the end.

Saying that I am also convinced that the high price I'm paying will have its rewards in the long run. I conformo if the grandchildren of our grandchildren reflected some benefit of my sacrifice.

The group of small entrepreneurs crane assistance (good all taxpayers) are taking a profit from my high price I'm paying. YESTERDAY had reasonable doubt whether it was the right path. TODAY have the clear "must follow the path of force to be criminals." Tomorrow "God will say"

This is written so that they do so to get politicians in office and heads of inspection throughout Spain. For the record test "who are the real culprits" every time you educate a possible criminal proceedings against tax; offender employment; environmental offender; offender social…

They, politicians; you, administration; myself, a small quijote that one day I dared to deal with windmills (the giants) know who are the real culprits. Let that eventually justice will confirm.

Jose Bas

Pd. If it happens any idea I'm willing to listen.

Jose Bas Piñol


03012 Alicante  

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